Forward thinking preventing tomorrows problems.

4,340 workers died on the job and an additional 3.3 million workplace injuries occurred in the United States in 2009.  Many of the injuries reported were disabling.  According to the 2010 Liberty Mutual workplace safety index, the estimated direct cost of disabling injuries in 2009 was a staggering $53.4 billion dollars.  That is an average of more than one billion dollars per week!  Conservative estimates put the indirect costs anywhere from 2-4 times the direct cost.  Some costs such as losing the ability to work or losing a main income earner is almost impossible to calculate, and can be devastating to employees and their families.

Injuries also affect the integrity and well being of a business whether large or small.  High production cost, poor product quality, high turnover rates, frequent absenteeism, low employee moral, and poor public relations can all be directly attributed to work place injuries and illnesses. 

Basic Safety Resources believes in a simple approach to addressing workplace health and safety.
1.  Measure your culture
2.  Establish philosophy
3.  Communicate expectations
4.  Identify your exposures
5.  Prioritize resources and address your exposures

Focusing on workplace health and safety, and preventing injuries just makes good business sense.  Good business sense means making good decisions.  Proactively preventing injuries and illness is a good business decision.  Don't let you, your business, or your employees become statistics.